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17 Pin Juistar Wireless Blender


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17PIN Juistar Wireless Blender

Smaller and lighter than other portable blenders and it is wireless! Convenient for use while traveling, at the office, at the gym and even outdoors. You can use your favorite ingredients, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, coffee, milk or nutritional beverage, to quickly and easily create shakes, hot or cold drinks anytime, anywhere. Just Shake and Enjoy! It works like a conventional blender with which you can blend fruits or vegetables with appropriate liquid for 30 seconds. Once you have enjoyed your drink, it can be rinsed and cleaned in a minute. Juistar was designed with ultimate safety in mind. It cannot be accidentally started without securely attaching the cap to the cup. The anti-skid silicon coaster on the bottom makes accidental tip-over and spilling less likely. For battery charging, Juistar is equipped with the state-of-the-art magnetic contacts that make the old-fashioned plug-and-pull obsolete. Being energy efficient, each fully charged battery on Juistar is good for making up to 15 blends.


  • lender tumbler X1
  • Recharger X1
  • 187.8*85.5*85.5mm size
  • 700mAH*2Battery capacity
  • 30 seconds / session
  • Operating time, Number of operation
  • 15 blends if fully recharged

Delivery: Nationwide while stocks last. No deliveries over weekends or on public holidays.

Warranty: 1-year limited

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