eB10 = R1

eBucks Shop deliveries

Shop online at eBucks and we'll deliver to your doorstep

How it works

We bundle all the items in your order together and calculate the volumetric weight. You'll pay one delivery fee based on the total weight of your order.

This single delivery fee will appear on your payment screen when you check out. This way you'll know upfront what the delivery fee will be!

Package, weigh, deliver
Total volumetric weight Total delivery fee
Mini (0 to 0.99kg) R40
Small (1 to 1.99kg) R55
Midi (2 to 4.99kg) R60
Medium (5 to 9.99kg) R65
Large (10 to 19.99kg) R100
X-large (20 to 29.99kg) R120
XX-large (30 to 39.99kg) R150
XXX-Large (40 to 49.99kg) R150
Anything above 50kg R250
Other Total delivery fee
eBucks card (courier option) R30
Card/Physical vouchers R40
SMS vouchers R2.50 each
Email vouchers No delivery fee
Donations No delivery fee
No delivery fee
Terms & conditions apply.

How long do deliveries take?

Here is an idea of the approximate delivery times for items bought online at eBucks.com:

Product Approximate delivery time
Email vouchers 48 hours
Airtime and virtual (sms) vouchers 24 hours
eBucks card Within 5 working days (with the courier option)
All other vouchers (gift cards) Within 5 working days
All other products Within 14 working days

Track your order

To find out where your order is, call us on 087 320 3200.

Delivery is nationwide whilst stocks last. No deliveries over weekends or on public holidays.