Frequently asked questions

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If you have a question that's not included in the list below or need a more detailed answer, you can call the eBucks Contact Centre on 087 320 3200.

Logging in

How do I login to the eBucks website?

My eBucks PIN

I forgot my eBucks PIN. What should I do?

Remember: You use your PIN both to login to and to spend eBucks online or when using your eBucks card. Keep your eBucks PIN in a safe place and don't tell anyone what it is.

How do I change my eBucks PIN?

My eBucks Card

What can I do with an eBucks card?

You can use your eBucks card to both earn and spend eBucks:

How can I get an eBucks card?

Remember:Your card will automatically be cancelled if you select the courier option.

I have lost my eBucks card / My eBucks card was stolen. How do I cancel my eBucks card?

I'm an existing member who already has an eBucks card. How does the new eBucks card (released in September 2013) impact me?

You can still use your existing eBucks card – you don't have to get a new card. If you do however get a new card, you can start using it immediately.

Transacting with eBucks

How much is eBucks worth compared to Rands?

eB10 = R1

How do I check my eBucks balance?

You can access your eBucks account balance by doing one of the following:

How do I link or delink my FNB Credit Card to my eBucks account so that I can earn eBucks on my credit card?

FNB Gold Credit Credit Cards

FNB Premier Credit Cards

If you would like to link or delink your credit card please contact the eBucks contact centre on 087 320 3200.

FNB Private Clients, FNB Private Wealth and RMB Private Bank Credit Cards are not charged with a linkage fee and are automatically linked.

Can I transfer my eBucks to someone else?

Yes, eBucks Members and eBucks Rewards for Business members are able to transfer eBucks. To transfer eBucks simply login to your eBucks profile, hover over your name and click on "Send eBucks".

Do eBucks expire?

eBucks never expire so you can save them up for something special.

How do I track my order from the eBucks Shop after I've made a purchase?

Contact us on 087 320 3200 and quote your purchase reference number.

Earning eBucks

How do I earn eBucks?

How does earning up to 15% back in eBucks from the bank work?

Depending on which FNB or RMB Private Bank Account you have and how you bank, you can earn up to 15% back in eBucks on:

Spending eBucks

Where can I spend my eBucks?

The easiest way to earn eBucks is by choosing to bank with FNB or RMB Private Bank.

What can I do if I don't have enough eBucks for what I want to buy?

No problem — you can pay the balance with your bank account at all in-store partners and selected online partners. When you spend your eBucks, you can decide if you want to pay for your purchase in full with eBucks or if you want to pay partly in eBucks and partly with your FNB or RMB Private Bank Account.

Please note for discounted products, you have to pay with eBucks in full.

Managing my membership

How do I access details about my membership?

How do I update my contact details?


What are discounts and what can I use them for?

Discounts are a value-add factor of eBucks Rewards. You can get discounts of up to 40% on selected items at the eBucks Shop and on local and international flights booked online with eBucks Travel.

More details about discounts

Please note: For airline tickets, discounts only apply to the ticket price; it excludes airport taxes and VAT.

How do I qualify for discounts?

When you qualify to start earning eBucks with your qualifying bank account, you automatically qualify for discounts.

eBucks Travel

I need more information about or assistance from eBucks Travel

Please see Travel FAQs or Contact Us for more information

Paying in eBucks

I made a purchase at an eBucks partner online, can I choose to pay in eBucks and be credited for my Rands spent?

No, paying in eBucks and getting a refund in rands is only applicable for recent purchases at eBucks in-store partners.

Can I use eBucks from my business account to pay for recent in-store purchases?

No, at present, the ability to use eBucks to pay for recent in-store purchases is only available to consumer eBucks customers.

Can I choose to pay in eBucks for the same purchase more than once?

No, you may only choose to pay in eBucks once per purchase.

How long do I have to opt to pay in eBucks for purchases made?

The option to use your eBucks to pay for purchases is only available for a limited amount of time from the date of purchase as displayed on the FNB/ RMB Banking App under the Pay in eBucks tab.

Can I select which account is to be credited from my eBucks account?

No, only the original account used for the purchase will be credited from your eBucks account.

Should I choose to pay in eBucks, will I still earn eBucks on the purchase made?

You will only earn eBucks on the value of the Rand spend of the purchase that has not been paid for in eBucks. If you choose to pay the full amount of the purchase in eBucks, then you will not earn eBucks on the purchase at all nor will it contribute to the points you earn for your monthly reward level.

Can I choose to partially pay for a recent purchase in eBucks?

Yes, you may choose to partially pay for a recent purchase in eBucks. However, once the request has been processed, the option to pay the balance in eBucks for the same purchase will no longer be available.

Are there any bank fees associated with paying in eBucks after the fact?

No service fees will be charged to customers.

Is the option to pay in eBucks after an in-store purchase available to non FNB customers?

No, this option is only available to FNB banked customers who use qualifying FNB accounts to pay for recent in-store purchases.

Can I reverse a purchase amount after opting to pay in eBucks?

No, you cannot reverse a payment after opting to pay in eBucks.

Will I still earn up to R4 per litre back in eBucks if I choose to pay for my Engen fuel purchases in eBucks?

No, if you choose to pay for fuel in eBucks, you will not earn eBucks for that specific purchase.

Are Water & Lights payments at Checkers till points eligible for Pay in eBucks?

No, these purchases are payments and will not be available for Pay in eBucks.

Will flight purchases or concert tickets from the Checkers Money Market tills be eligible for Pay in eBucks?

No, these purchases will not be available for Pay in eBucks.

Why can't I see my purchases?

Purchases are displayed once the merchant posts the purchase to FNB/RMB Private Bank for payment. There is sometimes a delay with the merchant posting purchases and therefore certain purchases may not be available.

Why did I not receive my push message?

You need to have a minimum balance of eB500 in order to qualify to Pay in eBucks. In addition, only purchases over R50 will be eligible.

Why is the new Pay in eBucks functionality only available on the App?

The new functionality is designed to encourage customers to use the most convenient channels (like the Banking App) to transact. The bank has over 2.8 million active app users who enjoy convenience and security, and allows them to cater for their holistic banking needs at their fingertips.