Frequently asked questions

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If you have a question that's not included in the list below or need a more detailed answer, you can call the eBucks Contact Centre on 087 320 3200.

Logging in

How do I login to the eBucks website?

My eBucks PIN

I forgot my eBucks PIN. What should I do?

Remember: You use your PIN both to login to and to spend eBucks online or when using your eBucks card. Keep your eBucks PIN in a safe place and don't tell anyone what it is.

How do I change my eBucks PIN?

My eBucks Card

What can I do with an eBucks card?

You can use your eBucks card to both earn and spend eBucks:

How can I get an eBucks card?

Remember: If you choose to receive your card by post you have to cancel your old card before ordering a new one. Your card will automatically be cancelled if you select the courier option.

I have lost my eBucks card / My eBucks card was stolen. How do I cancel my eBucks card?

I'm an existing member who already has an eBucks card. How does the new eBucks card (released in September 2013) impact me?

You can still use your existing eBucks card – you don't have to get a new card. If you do however get a new card, you can start using it immediately.

Transacting with eBucks

How much is eBucks worth compared to Rands?

eB10 = R1

How do I check my eBucks balance?

You can access your eBucks account balance by doing one of the following:

How do I link or delink my FNB Credit Card to my eBucks account so that I can earn eBucks on my credit card?

FNB Gold Credit Credit Cards

FNB Premier Credit Cards

If you would like to link or delink your credit card please contact the eBucks contact centre on 087 320 3200.

FNB Private Clients, FNB Private Wealth and RMB Private Bank Credit Cards are not charged with a linkage fee and are automatically linked.

Can I transfer my eBucks to someone else?

Yes, eBucks Members and eBucks Rewards for Business members are able to transfer eBucks. To transfer eBucks simply login to your eBucks profile, select "My eBucks" and then click on "Send eBucks".

Do eBucks expire?

eBucks never expire so you can save them up for something special.

How do I track my order from the eBucks Shop after I've made a purchase?

Contact us on 087 320 3200 and quote your purchase reference number.

Earning eBucks

How do I earn eBucks?

How does earning up to 15% back in eBucks from the bank work?

Depending on which FNB or RMB Private Bank Account you have and how you bank, you can earn up to 15% back in eBucks on:

Spending eBucks

Where can I spend my eBucks?

The easiest way to earn eBucks is by choosing to bank with FNB or RMB Private Bank.

What can I do if I don't have enough eBucks for what I want to buy?

No problem — you can pay the balance with your bank account at all in-store partners and selected online partners. When you spend your eBucks, you can decide if you want to pay for your purchase in full with eBucks or if you want to pay partly in eBucks and partly with your FNB or RMB Private Bank Account.

Please note for discounted products, you have to pay with eBucks in full.

Managing my membership

How do I access details about my membership?

How do I update my contact details?


What are discounts and what can I use them for?

Discounts are a value-add factor of eBucks Rewards. You can get discounts of up to 40% on selected items at the eBucks Shop and on local and international flights booked online with eBucks Travel.

More details about discounts

Please note: For airline tickets, discounts only apply to the ticket price; it excludes airport taxes and VAT.

How do I qualify for discounts?

When you qualify to start earning eBucks with your qualifying bank account, you automatically qualify for discounts.

What are the conditions for using discounts on travel bookings?

You must book your tickets with eBucks Travel online.

How your fellow travellers qualify for eBucks Discounts

* Active means that the accounts needs to be transacted in the last 3 months

What are the conditions for using my eBucks Discount to book flight tickets with specifically?

What are the conditions for using discounts to book flight tickets with Emirates?

eBucks Travel

How do I contact eBucks Travel?

eBucks Travel

Call us: 087 587 2835
E-mail us:
Fax us: 011 699 0943
International contact number: +27 11 377 5061

Office hours:

Mon - Fri: 08:00 - 17:00
Sat: Closed
Sun & public holidays: Closed
* All times are: (GMT+02:00) Harare, Pretoria

After Hour Emergency service:

Monday – Friday: 5pm – 7pm: Contact 087 575 0050
Saturdays: 8am – 2pm: Contact 087 575 0050

Lifestyle customers:

If you are a Lifestyle Customer, you have exclusive access to eBucks Lifestyle.
Call us: 087 575 0050
Office hours:
Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00
Saturdays from 09:00 to 12:00
24 and 31 December from 08:00 to 17:00
Closed on Sundays and public holidays

How do I make changes to an existing travel booking?

During office hours, please contact eBucks Travel for assistance. Outside office hours, for urgent changes, please follow the below processes:

Airline ticket changes

Kulula Flight only:
If you've made a flight-only booking, your first change can be done on under "Manage My booking"
Alternatively, phone 0861 58 58 52 from Monday to Sunday: 7am – 7pm (including public holidays).

Kulula Combo Flight:
If you've booked your flight as part of a "combo booking" (with a car and/or hotel), your flight can only be changed through the eBucks Travel Desk during office hours. For extreme emergencies the airport will be able to change your flight for you, however you would need to cancel or change your hotel and/or car with those suppliers directly.

All other airlines:
Please contact the airline directly (you will find contact numbers on their websites) or make changes at the airport at least 2 hours before departure.

Hotel booking changes

Monday – Friday: 5pm – 7pm: Contact 087 575 0050
Saturdays: 8am – 2pm: Contact 087 575 0050
Any urgent changes or cancellations outside these hours, please contact the hotel directly, obtain proof from the hotel of the changes / cancellation done and please inform an eBucks Consultant on the next working day so that we can follow up with the hotel in order to do the necessary admin.

Car rental changes

Domestic Avis 24-hour customer care number: 0800 001 669 or +27 11 923 3642 Domestic Europecar 24-hour customer service number: 0861 131 000

I received an Online Error, what do I do?

If you have booked online and received an online error, you immediately have to contact eBucks Travel on the relevant numbers mentioned under "Contact Details" If outside our business hours, please follow the steps below.

If your booking failed after the payment page, there could be 2 types of errors:

  1. Booking errors
    This means that there was a problem with the connection between eBucks Website and the Supplier at time of booking. ONLY If you are travelling within 24 hours and you cannot contact us due to business hours (including emergency hours), you need to do the following:
    • Please always check if the monies have gone off your accounts.
    • Contact the airline / hotel / car rental company to query if they have a reservation for you. Give them all the details around your booking to make 100% sure that they search for it correctly.
    • If they do have a booking, then please do not make another booking, send us an email ( advising that you had an error online, whom you spoke to at the supplier and your contact details, so that we can call you on the next working day to ensure that there's no outstanding financials and for us to confirm that there is no duplicate booking in the system.
    • If they do not have a reservation, please write down the person's name and time of call who confirmed that you have no reservation, and please try to make a booking online again. Should it fail for the second time, please contact the supplier directly to make your booking.

    A booking error message will look like this:

    Booking error

  2. Payment errors

    This means that there was a problem with your payment, and could be due to various reasons. We suggest that you contact your bank first and confirm with them why your payment failed. Please contact us to verify what the problem was and to double check if a booking was confirmed with the supplier.

    ONLY If you are travelling within 24 hours and you cannot contact us due to business hours (including emergency hours), you need to do the following:

    • Check your bank account to see if your money was reversed or not
    • Contact the supplier to verify if they have a confirmed booking for you, ensure to give as much details as
      • If a booking is confirmed and your money was not reversed, you are good to go!
      • If a booking is confirmed and your money was reversed, we need to urgently collect payment from you to avoid the supplier cancelling your booking. Call us urgently on the following working day.
      • If a booking is not confirmed and your money was not reversed, if urgent, please make another booking and we will refund you once you contact us on the next business day
      • If a booking is not confirmed and your money was reversed, you can go ahead and make another booking.

  3. **Please always just inform us either by phone or via email if you experienced issues after hours and what your actions were so that we can follow up to ensure everything is in order**

    A Payment Error Message will look like this:

    Payment error

For any other error, please always confirm if your payment has gone through and contact the supplier first to verify if a booking has been confirmed. Duplicate bookings are non refundable so we do not encourage you to make another booking without confirmation from either eBucks Travel or the Supplier.