Change is as good as a holiday

Change is as good as a holiday

From 1 July 2019, eBucks Travel has updated their rules and qualifying requirements to bring you even more value.

Here is how you and your family can continue to take advantage of eBucks Travel’s great deals and discounts:

No more minimum eBucks for flights

Good news! The minimum eBucks amount will no longer be required to qualify for discounts when booking flights on eBucks Travel online. Use your eBucks, FNB/RMB Private Bank card or a combination of both to pay for your flight.

How your spouse & kids can continue to qualify for discounts

Your spouse

For your spouse, to continue qualifying on the main member’s discounts of up to 40%* off on flights with eBucks Travel, both you & your spouse need to hold a qualifying Gold/Premier/Private Client/FNB Private Wealth/RMB Private Bank Cheque Card, Credit Card OR be on the Spousal pricing option.

Your spouse must also be part of your FNB Family Banking Profile. 

(As the main eBucks member you will still qualify for discounts when booking for yourself without being on the spousal pricing option)

Your Kids

Children must be between the ages of 2-24 and have an FNBy account.
Children must be part of the main eBucks members’ Family Banking Profile.
Infants under 2 automatically qualify for discounts and have no annual Discounted Flight Allocations (CAPS).

Don’t have an FNBy account for your kids? Follow these steps to get one:

Step 1 Visit

Step 2 Click for me 

Step 3 In the menu tab, click Lifestyles

Step 4 Then click on Youth Accounts

Step 5 Click Apply now

Alternatively, visit any FNB Branch or contact your FNB Banker via Secure Chat on the FNB App.

Update your family profile with the bank first and then with eBucks Travel, to ensure you have no hassles when booking your next flight!

Annual discount flight allocation

Each person in your family with a valid FNB/RMB Private Bank account, will now get their own Discounted Flight Allocation.

Domestic Flights:
Each family member will get 16 one-way economy flight allocations per year. 

International Flights:
Each family member will get 2 return economy / premium economy flight allocations OR 1 return business flight allocation per year.

Annual flight allocations will be valid from 1 July 2019– 30 June 2020.


For more information on how to update your Family Banking Profile or take up a Spousal pricing option, please contact your banking suite.  

Gold Service Suite

087 575 9404

Premier Service Suite:

087 577 7000 /

Private Clients Service Suite

087 575 4727 /

FNB Private Wealth

087 730 6000 /

For more details around the new Discount Rules please visit the FAQ's section on the eBucks Travel website.