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Why eBucks Travel?

Enjoy simplicity, convenience, and choice that give you an ideal way to satisfy your wanderlust.

More Choice
With choice at your fingertips with our wide range of airline partners, booking your adventures the way you like them has never been easier.

More Savings
Our deals give you incredible discounts according to your eBucks reward level. Get up to 40% off selected flights, and enjoy the additional benefit of paying in eBucks to save you more on your dream holiday.

Simpler Family Bookings
Add your family to your travellers on your profile and easily book flights for yourself and your family without repetitive admin.

Secure Booking and Payment
With our secure system, you can store your information, book, and pay safely. FNB Pay allows you to make fast and easy payments, and your information is always safe with us.

Seamless, Painless Travel
Our travel team is committed to bringing you the best packages and options, and when you book through eBucks Travel, you enjoy the convenience of a team dedicated to ensuring that any trip you take is the trip of a lifetime.

Comprehensive Profile
Your eBucks Travel profile includes your travel information, your family’s travel information, and the discount allocations that you have available to you. You can also view your booking history with eBucks Travel