Please note all online bookings from Friday 27 March – 17 April through eBucks Travel have been temporarily suspended in the light of the announced lockdown. 


eBucks Travel 

In line with the directive from our President in support of the national lockdown, please note that all online bookings until 15 August 2020 through eBucks Travel have been temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty regarding when global and domestic travel restrictions will be lifted. Please contact the eBucks Travel Desk for telephonic assistance regarding the best options based on your specific needs should you need to make a flight or car hire booking for travel before 15 August 2020.

eBucks Travel acts as agents on behalf of our suppliers and all travel reservations are subject to the suppliers’ terms and conditions, including the applicable cancellation policies. It’s important to note that some suppliers are allowing travellers to change their bookings to affected destinations within the specified time frames. However, if you choose to rather cancel your booking, you will be liable for the suppliers cancellation fees.

We are attending to regularly update the relevant supplier responses to COVID-19 below to provide you with the most recent updates.

We thank you for your patience and co-operation during this time. Should you have any queries or concerns with regards to your travel arrangements, please don’t hesitate to contact our travel team.


Kulula & BA Comair:
For more recent updates please visit

As part of Comair Limited, we are currently under Business Rescue.
We plan to be back in the skies by November 2020 and will be in contact with all customers regarding their bookings.
For more information on the Business Rescue process, please visit

For most recent updates, please visit

In accordance with the directive from the president, our final flight was operated on, 25 March, flights will resume once the travel restrictions have been lifted.

All customers are welcome to make penalty-free changes to flights departing before or after the lockdown. While there will be no penalties, please expect that fare differences may apply if the flight you are looking to buy costs more than the one you initially purchased. Changes can be done under the My Booking Section of the website.

Cancellations to a voucher can also be made in the My Booking section of the website. You can use vouchers at a later date to book new flights. These vouchers will need to be redeemed within 12 months – that’s to say that you need to spend them within twelve months, but you can purchase any available flights.

During the lockdown, our call centre will be closed. But we have developed a self-help line with several options available which we hope will give customers the answers they are seeking. Alternatively, we’ve loaded much information onto the help section of our website and have created several instructional videos on our YouTube channel.

All FlySafair staff will be on leave, during the lockdown.

Please note, these options will only be available to you until 31 May 2020. If not done by this date, your ticket will be forfeited.

eBucks customer process:
1.) eBucks Travel cannot make any changes or cancellations to FlySafair bookings, therefore please visit the FlySafair website for their latest process on changes.
2.) If you want to cancel your flight you can manage your booking online and don’t have to call their contact centre.
3.) Should their website refer you back to your Travel Agent, please close that message and continue with the cancellation.
4.) For any changes please follow the applicable airline’s process.

For more recent updates, please visit

Published Friday, April 24, 2020

In compliance with our President’s 23 April announcement on the state of the nationwide lockdown, Mango Airlines has provisionally suspended all flights until 31 May 2020 and anticipates to resume services from 1 June 2020. Lockdown-Level dependant, we will continue to monitor developments in our Sector closely and keep all our passengers updated.

These are extraordinary times which require never-before-implemented extraordinary measures. We call on all South Africans to adhere to the extended and updated lockdown requirements, maintain good hygiene and social distancing precautions and more than ever before, continue to use all our digital platforms (Web, Mobi-App, email, etc.) to transact with us. Together, we will get through this and once again return to the skies to get our Guests where they need to be.

eBucks customer process:
1.) All tickets departing until end May 2020 will be cancelled by Mango and a voucher will be issued for the full value paid originally.  Mango are doing their best and are working through all the vouchers, which will be sent to eBucks Travel in the next coming weeks. We will communicate to you where and when you will be able to view your vouchers.
2.)For any changes outside of lock down period on existing bookings, you need to contact Mango directly.

For any updates, please visit

eBucks customer process:
1.) eBucks Travel will work through all bookings and contact the client individually with their options to either postpone or cancel.
2.) Most tickets can be refunded in form of a voucher, but the exact policy will be confirmed when we contact you

For most recent updates, please visit the respective airline’s website. 
All changes and cancellations must be fulfilled via an eBucks Travel Agent.  We are working through all the bookings day by day and will be in touch with each customer.
We are very reliant on the airlines communicating their policy with us, and will give you the most recent updates once speak to you. 

Avis Car Rental and Avis Point to Point transfers have suspended all operations from Friday 27 March until Sunday 31 May 2020.

1) Avis Domestic Car Rental – eBucks Travel will cancel all car rental bookings and will be in contact with you for the refund process
2) Avis P2P – For all complimentary transfers, please go online onto, and once logged in, click on your name on the top right hand corner.  This will allow you to go into your current transfers booked and cancel them online.  Your complimentary point will thereafter be refunded to you.  No bookings will be available for services during the lock down period.  Please be advised that cancellations cannot be done via eBucks Travel directly and must be done online.

All changes & cancellations must be fulfilled via an eBucks Travel Agent.  We are working through all the bookings day by day and will be in touch with each customer.
We are very reliant on the suppliers communicating their policy to us, therefore please allow us time to first engage with our supplier in order to give you the most recent update and policy.  We will contact you in advance in order to make alternative arrangements.