Introducing LIFT - SA’s first flexible airline.


Living in these uncertain times makes it super difficult to plan our lives, let alone our travels. When it comes to keeping up with life’s unexpected detours, the last thing anyone needs is unnecessary admin or costs.

Welcome to flexible air travel from LIFT. And no, we're not just talking about selecting your seats or baggage preferences. We’re talking about the stuff that really counts.

Flights can be changed multiple times or cancelled to a credit into your LIFT wallet. Changes made 24 hours or more in advance come at no additional fees or penalties. If the fare for your newly selected flight is higher, you'll just need to pay the difference. If it’s lower, we'll credit you. Need to change traveller name details? No problem.

This is flexible air travel at its finest.


Every ticket is flexible: Flights can be changed multiple times free of charge* or cancelled and instantly refunded into your LIFT wallet. The best part is that this can all be done yourself online without contacting a call centre and sitting on hold.

Top-Notch Service: LIFT has got its finger on the pulse with delightful onboard offerings of quality coffee and premier wine tastings. Every effort is made to let you feel completely at home (even when 30 000ft up in the sky!)

Pet-Friendly Travel: LIFT knows that your four-legged friends are a part of the family. That’s why they’ve created a unique offering for our travellers to fly onboard selected LIFT flights‚ with their small dogs. Your dog will now be able to travel in a pet-friendly carry bag placed under the seat in front of you.

Safe, Smart and Reliable: LIFT uses a fleet of 4th generation Airbus A320 aircraft operated by Global Aviation (Pty) LTD t\a Global Airways and is focused on improving the overall experience of flying for all its passengers.

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