Meet our Travel Partners

Meet our Travel Partners

More Choice. Better Adventures

Enjoy every trip with eBucks Travel's valued partners
Check back regularly to ensure you’re getting the most out of your travel by booking with our travel partner discounts!

About our discount partners
eBucks Travel partners with selected travel suppliers to ensure that our qualifying members are rewarded with their travel discounts while enjoying a large selection of travel options.
FNB and RMB private banking customers who dont qualify for our discounts can still enjoy the benefit of booking on the eBucks Travel site, paying with eBucks for great savings on holidays and travel, or simply booking flights and packages in Rands

How it works
Qualifying eBucks members can get up to 40% off selected partner deals each month, based on your reward level. If you pay with eBucks, you save even more. For detailed discount rules please visit our FAQ's section.

More choice for incredible experiences
Our selection of travel partners and offers changes regurlary to ensure that we keep bringing you the best travel options. To maintain your choice of travel options and a wide variety of solutions, our list of partners can change at any time. Keep popping back to find out about new parters, changes and new options available!