How can you earn rewards for your business?

An authorised FNB business banking account representative of your business can register for eBucks Rewards for Business.

Once successfully registered, you will receive a welcome email explaining how you can qualify for eBucks for Business and start earning rewards.

The eBucks Card for Business is your passport to earning and spending eBucks at selected in-store partners. Once you have registered and qualified for eBucks, you can order your card online via eBucks Shop.

Business account *

* * Business Account number only e.g. 62002368133



Qualifying FNB Business Accounts
Business Current Accounts, Cashman Current Accounts, Islamic Business Accounts.

Qualifying FNB Private Business Accounts
Private Wealth Business Current Accounts, Private Wealth Single Facility, Practice Accounts and Private Business Single Facilities

Qualifying RMB Private Bank Business Accounts
RMB Private Bank Business Current Accounts and RMB Private Bank Single Facility

For more information on whether your business qualifies for eBucks for Business, call FNB Business on 087 575 9479

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