What is a PrePayd account?

The PrePayd pricing option allows customers with FNB Commercial transactional accounts to bank their fees in one separate, consolidated, itemised billing account for transparent, efficient, time-saving management of their overall fees.

Open a PrePayd account with just R2 000, and then nominate a Primary Transactional Account to Auto Top-Up your PrePayd account each month.

Please consult your Relationship Manager to apply.

How do you earn eBucks from your PrePayd account?

If you are an eBucks and FNB Commercial customer with a combined, annual turnover of above R10 million, then you will earn additional eBucks from electronic banking fees paid from your PrePayd account, provided you remain qualified to earn eBucks.

How can you increase the eBucks you earn from your PrePayd account?

For each of the criteria that your PrePayd account satisfies, you will receive a certain percentage. Add these percentages to determine your reward level. Multiply this reward level by your overall qualifying electronic fees amount to determine how many eBucks you earn.

What are the criteria?

Criteria Percentage
Maintain a minimum balance
PrePayd Account (Balance >= R2 000)
Add an additional 1% for keeping a balance of at least R2 000 throughout the month on your PrePayd account.
Primary Transactional Account (Balance >= R75 000)
Add an additional 3% for keeping a balance of at least R75 000 throughout the month on the Primary Transactional account. The Primary Transactional account is the account nominated to fund the PrePayd account.
FNB Forex
Forex transactions
Add an additional 1% if you do Foreign Exchange purchase and sale transactions and your Forex Commission is paid from any of your linked transactional accounts. Forex transactions include spot transactions, forward exchange contracts, notes and drafts. The value of the commission must be more than R100.
Your account
Give FNB Marketing Consent
Add an additional 1% by setting your FNB Marketing permission to 'YES' for email and sms. Log on to FNB Online Banking, click on 'Settings' and choose 'Personal details', you can choose to receive communication on your new products and services.
Hold additional products and keep them up to date
Use FNB Merchant Services
Add an additional 1% by having an FNB Merchant Services device linked to your profile. This provides a safe and cheaper option than holding cash in-store.
Asset-Based Finance
Add an additional 1% by financing your company owned vehicles through Wesbank Asset-Based Finance.
Qualifying Deposit Account
Add an additional 2% by opening any of the following products with a minimum balance of R100 000 balance throughout the month: Flexi Fixed Deposit account, 32 Day Interest Plus account or MyNotice account.
Specialised loan
Add an additional 2% by having any one of the following products: Leverage Finance, Debtor Finance and Commercial Property Finance. Your facility should not be in arrears.
Business loan
Add an additional 1% if you have a short to medium term business loan of the following type: Instalment Loans and Overdrafts with a limit exceeding R300. Your instalment loan should not be in arrears.
FNB Credit Card
Add an additional 1% by having an active FNB Business Credit Card. If your senior executives and sales managers require convenient and globally accepted credit, FNB's Business Credit Card is just what they need.
FNB Insurance
Add an additional 1% by taking out an FNB Business Insurance policy and ensuring all premiums are paid up to date.
Total potential reward percentage 15%

What are the rules to remember?

Reward level Maximum amount of eBucks per month
0 - 5% eB20 000
5.01% - 10% eB35 000
10.01% - 15% eB50 000

Qualifying electronic fees include:

Please read the full terms and conditions.