Everything you need to know about your eBucks card

Lost your card?

Please cancel your card before you order a new card. There are two easy ways to get a new eBucks card: by courier or in person. Learn more.

Cancel card Activate card Order card

Change your PIN

Remember to keep your 4-digit eBucks card PIN in a safe place. You can change your PIN at any time.

Change PIN

Earning and spending eBucks with your eBucks card

Earn eBucks

Show your eBucks card at the following stores and earn instant eBucks. No eBucks card, no eBucks:

You also earn eBucks when you pay for your purchases at our partners using your qualifying FNB or RMB Private Bank account.

Spend eBucks

Spend your eBucks by doing the following:

  • Swipe your eBucks card and enter your 4-digit PIN when you buy from our in-store partners or fill up with fuel at Engen.
  • Your eBucks card works like a debit card. The amount will automatically be deducted from your eBucks account — it's that easy.

How to check your eBucks balance

  • Online:
    login to the eBucks website and go to My eBucks.
  • Call us:
    on 087 320 3200.
  • SMS:
    SMS the word 'balance' and your ID number to 32224. Each SMS costs R1.
  • FNB electronic channels:
    Register for and log onto FNB Online Banking or FNB Cellphone Banking.