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Get 12 months complimentary access to e-learning support for Grades R – 12

With Extramarks Learning App you can empower your child's educational journey with a complimentary 12-month subscription* to e-learning support for Grades R-12. The platform covers the CAPS curriculum for subjects including Science, Maths and English worth R2,350
*Limited to 2 students and parents have full visibility of their child's performance.

Benefits of Extramarks Learning App

How To Register and enrol

Once you have registered on the FNB/RMB Private Bank App, follow these steps on the Extramarks website

  1. Website
    • Access the Extramarks website after you have received the welcome email for successful registration (
  2. Login
    • Login as a parent/child using the email credentials in the welcome email from Extramarks and you can change your login details on the Extramarks website once logged in.
  3. Notifications
    • Select the notifications bell to complete the customer profile.
  4. Arrow
    • Select the arrow key (blue)
  5. Profile Information
    • Complete the student and parent profile information required on Extramarks.
  6. Progress Status
    • Parents can view progress and have an indication of subject topics that needs monitoring or practice.
  7. Account Linked
    • Parents are linked to monitor progress of their child.

Terms of Use

Terms, Conditions and Earn Rules apply.