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Get monthly KAUAI benefits

Enjoy a smoothie, organic coffee or up to R100* to spend in-store

Use your FNB/RMB Private Bank Fusion or credit card for 100% of your monthly spend and enjoy up to R100* to spend at participating KAUAI stores every month. The benefit can be redeemed on the FNB/RMB Private Bank App within the month following the 100% spend.

*Voucher dependent on your eBucks reward level. The higher your eBucks reward level, the greater your reward.
eBucks Reward Level Benefit
eBucks Reward Level 1 Any short hot drink
eBucks Reward Level 2 Any small smoothie
eBucks Reward Level 3 Any large smoothie
eBucks Reward Level 4 R75 voucher
eBucks Reward Level 5 R100 voucher

How to claim your monthly benefit

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