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Take your skills to the next level with Udemy

Save up to 96% on course fees! FNB and Udemy have partnered to bring customers access to a world–class library of 400 online learning and self–development courses across categories including finance, IT, marketing, personal development, teaching, and more.

Enrol for up to 2 courses per month and up to a maximum of 6 courses per year and pay an activation fee of just R50 per course. Plus, you can save your rands when you choose to pay or part-pay with your eBucks. Udemy is a leading global marketplace for teaching and learning, connecting millions of students to the skills they need to succeed.

How it works

Move up a reward level

FNB Premier, Private Clients, Private Wealth and RMB Private Bank customers can collect 500 points in the eBucks rewards programme and move up a reward level by using Udemy. Enrol for a Udemy course on the FNB/RMB Private Bank App and log in to the Udemy website at least once a month. Ts&Cs apply

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